The Book of Judith // Day 23 Thanksgiving Part 2

Judith began this thanksgiving with a song of praise for the Lord.

It’s easy to sing praises when our cups are full and every need is met. When the enemy has been crushed, and the people have been saved, it’s appropriate to celebrate.

The Book of Judith // Day 21 Lead

Here, Judith leads everyone with specific instructions on how to seize the Assyrians without even trying.

And because she just beheaded the leader of their enemy, everyone followed every word to the T. This woman knows what she’s talking about!

The Book of Judith // Day 20 Daughters

Can I just be real with you for a minute?

I feel like this entire book would make a great movie. My heart was pounding furiously in this chapter!

From the moment Judith was alone with Holofernes in the bedchamber, to her prayer right before she beheaded him, andrunning in the night and returning to Bethulia, screaming at the watchmen to open the gates - I literally held my breath!

The Book of Judith // Day 18 Talents

From the moment Judith speaks her first words to Holofernes, she has him hooked.

Her beauty, of course, plays a huge part in deceiving him. But he is not easily fooled by beauty. Judith presents herself as a sharp, insightful, and intelligent woman that he can’t help but be impressed by the whole package.

The Book of Judith // Day 15 Pray

This entire chapter is, by far, one of my favorite prayers. Judith, with great humility and reverence, asks the Lord for help in defeating the enemy. She praises God and His strength and power. She vows to bring Him glory by bringing all the nations and tribes to understand and know that He is God.

The Book of Judith // Day 14 Test

Judith does not waste a single second and cuts right to the chase, telling Uzziah and the elders what’s on her mind.

“Who are you that have put God to the test this day?” (v.12) 

And she is absolutely right. We have no right to do that, yet we do every day.

The Book of Judith // Day 12 Faith Part 2

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak…” (Matt 26:41)

Eventually, the Israelites went to the rulers of the city and begged for peace with the Assyrians. They had already endured so much, and they needed relief. After all they had been through, who could blame them?

The Book of Judith // Day 11 Endurance

The plan for siege at Bethulia to completely surround the Israelites is absolutely heartwrenching, and cutting off the water supply at Bethulia is ruthless. I cannot fathom how is it that people can allow themselves to partake in creating such evil for others.

The Book of Judith // Day 10 Obedience

There is great arrogance on the part of Holofernes in promising death for Alchior, who shall “fall among [the] wounded” of the Israelites. Alchior is seized by Holofernes’ servants who leave him lying in the middle of hill country as punishment for his “moment of perversity.”

The Book of Judith // Day 9 Truth

I am saddened by Holofernes’ answer to Alchior’s speech because although he has heard the truth, it does not speak to him.Sometimes, people hear the truth when it is spoken to them, but they choose not to listen to or act upon it. Conversely, people hear the truth and choose to listen and act upon it. Other times, people cannot even hear the truth even when it is spoken to them, like Holofernes.

The Book of Judith // Day 7 Faith

Most of what constitutes Alchior’s speech is pure description of the Israelites: their ancestral history, their reliance on the God of heaven during adversity, and their strength.

The last part of Alchior’s speech is an interpretation of this description and how it is relevant to Holofernes’ attack on the Israelites.

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The Book of Judith // Day 6 Mercy

In this short passage, you’ll notice that before the Israelites make fervent pleas to God to save them from ruin and seizure, they all do one thing in common: drape themselves in sackcloth. The sackcloth is a sign of penitence or mourning.

What’s so important about what the Israelites cover themselves with?

This tradition speaks to a few things.