Mass Journaling

A Simple Approach to Bring the Mass Alive!


Want to get more out of the Mass? It's simple! All you need is a notebook, pen, & an open heart.

The idea of a Mass journal comes from Matthew Kelly, a speaker for Lighthouse Media. When we go into Mass actively seeking what the Lord has to say to us, we walk away with life changing words. 

What does God's voice sound like? Well, unless there is a burning bush next to you in the pew, it usually is that quiet prompting on your heart. Simply ask God to reveal what He would like to show you this week. It may be as simple as a single word or it may be a page full of notes. These are words that God is specifically speaking to you - not your spouse, not your family members, not your friends, not the stranger in front of you. Just You

Bring your Mass Journal with you each week and you'll begin to see that God is trying to speak with you. Yes, You. Out great, loving, and immaculate God wants to whisper to You at every Mass. We just need to actively listen.


  • Date your entry (it may be interesting to look back & see God's words specifically revealed to you in their time).

  • Write down the readings so you can look them up & meditate on them later. It also helps make sense of what your notes might be talking about.

  • Buy a journal that you find beautiful, or decorate the cover of one. You may be more excited to bring it with you and use it!