The Book of Judith // Day 17 Hustle

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

Judith 10:11-23

When Judith walks through the valley, she doesn’t hesitate to tell the Assyrian patrol the reason for her visit. Struck by her marvelous beauty, he immediately believes her.

We see Judith’s request of God to deceive her enemies get answered without any resistance. What’s even more remarkable is, she is then accompanied by 100 men to Holofernes’ tent. They are simply awe-struck by her beauty. It’s almost as if she doesn’t even have to say anything and the enemy will escort her right to Holofernes.

No matter how intimidating, challenging, or difficult a task may be in our lives - if it is in God’s will, doors will swing wide open. The right people will show up. Every single thing will fall into place perfectly and at the EXACT time - and not a moment too soon.

But here’s the catch. You have to do your part. Fully. Obediently.

Judith didn’t leave anything to chance (she got dressed so extravagantly!) and placed all her trust in the Lord. Not 75%. Not 99%. Simply put, she brought her A game.

I remember when my sister applied for an opera role in the UK last summer. She was months late in turning in the application. But she got accepted. Then she had no idea how she could afford the expenses (flight, meals, lodging, etc). But my parents offered to pay without her even having to ask them for help. It was, in every way, the work of God when everything fell into place for her.

But it couldn’t have happened if she hadn’t done her part. Singing in an opera in the UK isn’t an experience everyone gets to live out. Yet, she faced her fears, insecurities, and doubts, and went after the opportunity with all her heart.

We cannot be mediocre for God. Half-in, half-out does not work. We have to be all in. Whatever we are called to do, we must give it our absolute BEST - and then some.

When we pray and hustle, God shows up. Think back to a time when God showed up for you when everything seemed impossible. Maybe you faced a financial situation like my sister and God miraculously opened doors for you.

Our God is limitless. Nothing is ever intimidating, challenging, or difficult for Him. We just have to get out of our own way and let Him work in us.

And when He does, we bring Him the glory.

Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister