army's army

Army :) Beautiful Holy Woman

Army :) Beautiful Holy Woman

My mother-in- law, Armandina (Army) Centurioni read several spiritual books during the last 5-6 years of her life, and was deeply concerned about family members and friends who had passed, and what their eternity might be. She prayed every day for the Holy souls in Purgatory, and once my father-in- law
passed, she grew even more concerned for these poor souls. Army came upon a book that talked about St. Gertrude and the prayer that helped release the poor souls. Although she was physically limited, after reciting this prayer daily, she wanted to share it with anyone who would listen. She finally found her “willing vessel” in Ed Combs, a close family friend. Ed agreed to help her get the prayer cards published, and together, with their grand vision, had ten thousand prayer cards printed. Army then had her caregiver drive her around our diocese to different churches, and drop them off in the various vestibules. Before she passed, she would ask her visitors to take a pack of prayer cards so that they could place them in churches or chapels they might visit while vacationing.

These St. Gertrude prayer cards have made it not only to several states throughout the U.S., but to many countries, as well. (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Mexico and Medjugorge, to name a few). Army marches on…having left a legacy in her devotion to getting souls released from Purgatory, thus the name: “Army’s Army”. My husband, Danny and I have continued Army’s work by continuing to print the St. Gertrude cards. They are always available in the vestibule at St. Peter and St. Paul. We ask that anyone who distributes the prayer cards, to take a picture of yourself, with the card, in the church or shrine, and email it to:, and we will place it on our church facebook page.

Thank you for helping us continue the work of ‘Army’s Army’.

God bless you!

Vicki Centurioni

Join in the effort to pray for the poor souls, print your own cards and spread the word!