Bible Studies

Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship invites you to join us as we study the Scriptures together. As Catholics, sometimes the Bible can be, well, intimidating. We may only pull it out for "emergencies", or probably as a Lenten Promise that starts strong but then fades rather quickly. The Bible isn't just for priests or religious brothers & sisters - it's for ALL OF US! God gave us His Word as a gift! He heals us through it, teaches us through it, blesses us through it, gives us grace, mercy, hope, and most importantly it's His love story to us. 

Old Testament


GENESIS 1-4: Our Beginning // Free Study Journal

GENESIS 5-9: A New Year, A New Creation  // Free Study Journal

JUDITH: A True Woman of God

SONG OF SONGS: Love from the Beloved 

LAMENTATIONS: Having Strong Faith in God's Love + Power to Restore

MALACHI: A Return to Divine Love  // Free Study Journal

JONAH: A Study for the Year of Mercy  // Free Study Journal

TOBIT: Hope+ Healing  // Free Study Journal


THE BOOK OF ESTHER  // Free Study Journal

New Testament


THE LOST SERIES: The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, The Lost Son

ROMANS: A Call to Sainthood

THE LETTER OF JAMES: Internal Reflection to Grow Closer to Christ


FIRST PETER: Living a Christ Centered Life  // Free Study Journal

SECOND PETER: An Equal Privilege of Faith  // Free Study Journal

EPHESIANS: A Universal Call to Holiness  // Free Study Journal

PHILIPPIANS: An Attitude of Joy

APPEARANCES OF JESUS: After the Resurrection

Topical Studies


BIBLE 101: A Catholic Foundation to Studying the Bible

THE EUCHARIST: A Bible Study on Who & What It Is

PENTECOST: A Study on Acts 1 + 2

MERCY: A Study on God's Mercy  // Free Study Journal

BIBLICAL CHARITY: What Does Scripture Say about Charity + How We Live It In Our Daily Lives

THE MASS: A Study on the Source + Summit of Our Faith  // Free Study Journal

THE ROSARY: A Scriptural Study of the Rosary

THE NAMES OF GOD: Studying Some of the Many Names As To Know Him Better

VOCATIONS: Thoughts on Discernment & Listening for Women In All Callings Of Life

GRATITUDE: Celebrate a season of Thanksgiving in the Word  // Free Study Journal

FORGIVENESS: Learning to do the Impossible  // Free Study Journal

GOD THE FATHER: A Biblical Study on God's Merciful Love for Us  // Free Study Journal

PSALMS: Praying with the Psalms

MARY: Our Mother and Queen  // Free Study Journal

THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: A Biblical study on the third person of the trinity

MYSTERY BY MYSTERY: A Biblical Walk through the Rosary

A LITANY OF SAINTS: A Biblical Walk of 22 Women  // Free Study Journal

THEOLOGY OF THE BODY: According to the teachings of Saint John Paul 11  // Free Study Journal

PRAYER: A Twelve Day Study on Prayer  // Free Study Journal

Seasonal Studies


LENT 2016: Walking in Their Shoes - Traveling the Stations of the Cross with the Saints  // Free Study Journal

ADVENT 2015: Daughters of Light  // Free Study Journal

LENT 2015: I will Lead Her Into the Desert & Call Her By Name  // Free Study Journal

ADVENT 2014: Having a Mary Christmas in a Martha World  // Free Study Journal


THE JESSE TREE: A Day by Day Journey through Advent  // Free Study Journal

SOMETHING NEW: A New Year Reflection  // Free Study Journal

MARY MOST ADMIRABLE: The Virtues of Mary  // Free Study Journal

LENT 2017: Journey to Sainthood  // Free Study Journal



ADVENT 2017: "O Come Let Us Adore Him" Priest Prophet King // Free Study Journal

WRITER TESTIMONIES: Our HOM writers share their stories

LENT 2018 // " Whom do you Seek?" The Questions of Jesus

ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS // Under Bethlehem’s Star //Free Study Journal