Fruit of the Holy Spirit // Faithfulness

O Lord Omnipotent, Who permittest evil that Thou mayest draw good therefrom, give ear to our humble petitions, whereby we beg of Thee the grace of being faithful unto death, evermore conforming ourselves to Thy most holy will. Amen.

“All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth toward those who honor his covenant and decrees.” Psalm 25:10

I’m a cradle Catholic-born and raised by Catholics, in a primarily Catholic town. I knew nothing else until I ventured to college. I was a very faithful sheep, and then that sheep lost its way. Going to Mass on Sunday became something that I only did under the watchful eye of my parents. I hung out with friends who weren’t active in any faith, let alone Catholicism, and I told myself that my faith was something I would do at some point in my life, but not then, when it was easier, when I wasn’t having so much fun. I’d have more time for Mass someday.

I can’t honestly say what brought me back to Mass, but what I do know is that the path of the Lord brought me to an amazing campus Catholic Student Center. I credit that center for my faith today. I wish I could pinpoint the moment I knew that God was still calling me, his lost sheep, that I hadn’t been forgotten, but I cannot remember the moment, but I do remember the feeling. It was a feeling of a flood of emotion. I still get emotional thinking about the fact that without my choice to attend Mass there one weekend, my children may not be the children that ask me if it’s “church day” yet. 

My point is that we will almost all become “lost sheep” at some point in our lives. We will all stray, but with that comes the guarantee that the path to the Lord is always there. His mercy will always remain. He may allow us to roam, but He will always call us back home. His path for us is one that isn’t without difficulty or hardship, but it’s one that includes His love, His mercy and the kindness of our good Shepherd.  

Think about your path to Jesus, where did it start and where has it taken you? 

To Jesus through Mary- Dana Suther