Mary Most Admirable // Devout

Images by the saints

Images by the saints

Luke 1:46-47

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my savior.

Recently our parish’s Heart of Mary fellowship group participated in a Marian Consecration based on Fr. Michael Gaitley’s 33 Days to Morning Glory. Without going into too much detail about the beauty and grandeur of completing a consecration, I wish to share The Missionaries of Charity’s Consecration Covenant with Mary as described by Fr. Gaitle

MARY’S DUTIES                                            MY DUTIES

To give of her spirit and heart.                  Total gift of all I have and am.

To process, protect, and transform me.    Total dependence on her.

To inspire, guide, and enlighten me.          Responsiveness to her spirit.

To share her experience of prayer and praise.   Faithfulness to prayer.

Responsibility for my sanctification.          Trust in her intercession.

Responsible for all that befalls me.            Accept all as coming from her.

To share with me her virtues.                      Imitate her spirit.

To provide for my spiritual and material needs.  Constant recourse to her.

Union with her heart.                                    Remembrance of her presence.

To purify me and my actions.                        Purity of intention; self-denial.

 Right to dispose of me, of my prayers and intercessions and grace.

 Right to avail myself of her and her energies for the sake of the kingdom.

Total freedom in and around me, as she pleases in all things.

Right to enter into her heart, to share her interior life.

When Mary openly accepted God’s will in bringing our Lord, Jesus Christ, into this world, she accepted this list of responsibilities openly, with total devoutness. Regardless if we realize it or acknowledge her presence, Mary is forever God’s handmaid and our connection to heaven.

Reflection:What is your relationship like with our mother? Do you pray to Mary for her intercession in your life? Do you trust her intercession in your life fully, as she did with God’s will? 

Act:We are asked to imitate Mary’s spirit and have total dependence on her wishes and needs. After partaking in both Fr. Gaitley’s consecration and St. Louis de Montfort’s version, I am beginning to understand more of what is asked from us regarding the intercession of Mary to Jesus. In my personal experience, giving everything to Jesus through Mary will be a life-long journey and constant trial to achieve, however the assumption of our mother is reason enough to try to live said devout and trust-filled life.  Try and get a copy for yourself of a consecration guide, there are even apps available for your phone, and work on continuing to build your personal relationship with Mary. 

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