The Book of Judith // Day 4 Offering

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

Judith 3:1-10

We can learn a great deal from the servants of King Neb. The first thing they say to Holofernes is to “do with us as you will.” They offer him everything that they have for him to do as he sees fit, all because of being of service to their King. Already there is so much about service in the beginning chapter of Judith.

I want to highlight the absolute faithfulness of the servants of King Neb that they were so willing to give up everything they had to be of service for their King: "...our dwellings and all our land and every wheat field, our flocks and herds, and all our encampments are at your disposal...Our cities and their inhabitants are also at your service; come and deal with them as you see fit."

Unfortunately, their king was so corrupt! If King Neb is the complete opposite of God and destroyed his faithful servants, then can you imagine what would happen to a faithful people of a King who was all good?  

King Neb is a perfect picture of what a lot of people think of God. Those who have left the Church, non-believers, non-Christians. Ruthless. Angry. Superior. Contemptuous. Ready to smite the people whenever he wanted. But what they do not understand is, unlike King Neb, God gives us chances + choices. 

God waits thousands of years for us to get our sinful acts together. He even sends messengers, prophets, even His only Son to guide, mentor, teach, and love us. He gives us a choice to love Him back or not. 

The question then becomes, how willing are we going to be in loving Him back by offering Him everything which He gave to us? Think about what it means for you to be like the servants of King Neb who were so detached from every one of their possessions and just offer it all up toward the service of God. Trust that in His goodness, your Heavenly Father will not be outdone in generosity.


Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister.