Body Image & Faith // A Talk by #HOMWF

Karen Downey is our guest speaker this month - having a clothing line through CAmi - she knows a bit about fashion. Fashion plays such a big roll in our lives; whether we decide to wear sweats & a tee or high heels & a skirt. We even go so far to say that our personal body image can effect our faith life. But how? Listen to this inspiring talk from Karen. It's impressive!

Karen is a lay person who attends St. Peters Catholic Church in Fallbrook, CA. She is volunteers in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) ministry at her parish & frequently gives talks about how body image impacts our faith life. 

Every so often we get the opportunity to record our guest speakers, events, & HOMWF contributors. These audio files are just for you Sisters! 

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Retreat Day

Hello beautiful sisters!

Today is what we are calling a retreat day. It's an opportunity to spend some extra time with the Lord! We do not have any new study posts; this is a great time to catch up on any that you may have missed or just spend some time on your own in prayer. 

We do have a special talk for you though, if you'd like to take a listen!!

HOMWF - New Feature!! FREE TALKS!

Oh Sisters! Do we have exciting news!!

Ready?? We can now feature our guest speakers right here on HOMWF! That's right - we now have listenable audio files that you can hear right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Listen in your car when you hook up your phone for your a.m. commute.