2 Peter Day 9 // Triple Threat

We have now entered into chapter three of 2 Peter. It’s the final chapter of this potent, compact book! Peter seems to be telling them to put up their guard. He exhorts them to meditate on the true teachings of Jesus, on the prophets, and on the whole program of life proposed by the apostles. But why? Read on.

Art for the Heart // 2 Peter 3:9

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2nd Peter Day 6 // Beware of False Prophets(Cause they got my People Buggin)

As I was on the phone with my sister the other day she mentioned that she got a letter in the mail from a Christian “prophet.” I was intrigued, so I asked what the letter said. She gleefully read it aloud. The “prophet” was asking her for money. Why was I not surprised?

2 Peter Day 5 // Until Day Dawns and the Morning Star Rises in your Hearts

In verse sixteen Peter is defending himself, James, and John from slander. I imagine them being all too familiar with this harsh, behind the back, type of talking. A rumor was going around that they had created “fictitious tales” about their experience of the transfiguration of Jesus.

2 Peter Day 3 // Decisions and Virtue in Action

Yesterday we talked about the gifts of divine nature, power, and how each of us manifests them in different ways. Today, in verses 5-9, we read about what we must do in order to be worthy of so great a promise and how not lose it.

2 Peter Day 2 // Nature (Not the Woods Kind)

As I read these two short, yet powerful, verses what strikes me the most is Peter’s emphasis on the divine power God gives each Christian and how it affects our lives. He writes how necessary it is to practice virtue in order to receive the promises Christ holds for us, and he gives us one main reason for striving towards it