Angels // Guardian Angels

Image by Adrianna Tucker/Graphic Lauren Gates

Image by Adrianna Tucker/Graphic Lauren Gates

Angel of God My guardian dear, To Whom His love Commits me here, Ever this day Be at my side, To light and guard To rule and guide Amen

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

I’ve always had a special love of guardian angels, mainly because I’ve always believed that guardian angels are near and dear to us all. My grandmother, who is now 96, loves to talk about guardian angels. She loves all things angels, really. When I was younger I attributed her love of angels to her being a devout Catholic, someone who heavily relied on her faith to get her through life, but as I got older I learned that her love of angels was deep seeded for a reason.

When my grandmother was in her twenties she worked as a nanny in Kansas City.

At that timethe only way to escape her tiny, tiny town was to somehow find a job in the big city. My grandmother was fortunate enough to find a job as a nanny to a privileged family with a small daughter. My grandma has lots of great stories about her time as a nanny, but there is one that always stands out.One winter morning, on my grandma’s day off, she looked out her bedroom window only to see the young girl and a neighbor boy playing by a pond. The children were only about five years old, and tragically, a series of events led to the young girl falling into the icy waters of the pond. My grandmother ran out of the house, down to the pond and without being able to swim, was able to pull the child out of the water, saving her young life.

My grandmother has told me this story many, many times throughout my life and she always
ends it the same way, I know my guardian angel was there with me.

To her, there’s no explaining why a young woman who had never liked the water and had never learned to swim was able to jump into icy water and swim to a drowning child. To her, there’s only one explanation, and that is that there was a heavenly guardian angel beside her that day, ready to help her make the decision and to keep her safe while she did God’s work and saved the young child.

My grandmother was recently moved into a nursing home as her health has declined.

My husband and I went to visit her the other day and although she shares a room with another woman, and her side of the room isn’t very large, I wasn't surprised that the personal items she chose to display included many of her religious artifacts and paintings she had at home. She used to point to that lovely iconic image of the guardian angel helping the two young children over the broken bridge and tell me that she knows guardian angels exists and that they do that sort of thing all the time.

I believe that’s what happens when you devote your life to Christ.

You have the ability, and the honor, of believing in beautiful things that may seem unbelievable to others. Without a doubt my grandmother believes that her guardian angel was not only there with her that day, but has stayed with her throughout her life, and without a doubt, I believe her as well. In Christ the impossible becomes possible and we must know and believe that we are never alone, never without His guidance and love and never without the gentle protection of his angels.

To Jesus through Mary-Dana Suther

Has there ever been a time in your life that you were sure that your guardian angel was
beside you?

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