Fruit of the Holy Spirit // Faithfulness

O Lord Omnipotent, Who permittest evil that Thou mayest draw good therefrom, give ear to our humble petitions, whereby we beg of Thee the grace of being faithful unto death, evermore conforming ourselves to Thy most holy will. Amen.

“All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth toward those who honor his covenant and decrees.” Psalm 25:10

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning"  Lamentations 3:22-23

        Great is His faithfulness                                            

I probably do it every day. The scary thing is as times I barely recognize I'm doing it. What is this thing I catch myself doing that can cause my walk to become a crawl in Faith? I get amnesia. I forget the faithfulness of God. It seems I get caught in this caldrum especially at times when I'm faced with struggles. You know the inconvenices you never planned for. (who plans for such things, there's no sticker in my Happy Planner for those.)

In all the busyness and selfcenterdness of my life, sadly I forget just how much my life has been, still is, blessed by, and radically touched by God's faithfulness. This fact I know for certain friends, I have done nothing to deserve this loyalty. It must have been like that for the people of the Old Testament in Genesis. You know after they were set free from being slaves of Pharoah. It seems to me even after God parted the seas and gave them a safe haven, they too fell into amnesia because they soon started to complain.

At times in what feels like the heart of the desert (desolation) His faithfulness might show up in a friend sharing a similar struggle or a verse being read during mass that strengthens me or gives me courage to face what my flesh wants so desperately to run away from. These signs of encouragement (Hey kid I've got your back) to me are the presence of God's faithfulness to all of us. "I shall never leave you nor forsake You." These are a seal of His faithfulness that we are never alone.

Forgetfulness can be dangerous because it can shape the way we think of ourselves and others. It leads us to believe we are our own source of power and control which can lead to poor decisions. When I stop, wait and listen than I can recall His faithfulness and all that concerns me, which by the way leads me to complain, can slowly give way to trust melting the self-focused desire to control the outcome of my challenges. Simply put it allows me to let God be God.

I return his faithfulness with my own, trusting the Lord will lead me out of the mire and place me on the path he has chosen, even in the daily inconveniences. For great is God's faithfulness

To Jesus through Mary-Susan Sabahi