Soul Saturday // Kindness

A final thought on kindness...

One advantage that comes with age is the knowledge of life as a school for learning - The problems we encounter can lend themselves as lessons in the human condition and the need for kindness.

It's a rare day when you won't meet someone that doesn't need an encouraging word or smile; even the small gesture of opening a door for the person with their hands full or the compassionate ear of a friend when the world feels like it is falling apart lets us know "that this too shall pass." “Kindness" is an awareness of the needs of others.

In the book of Job, we see the lesson of trial, suffering, and a reversal of fortune. In the midst of Job's suffering he cried out, "A despairing man should have the kindness of his friends." That is what Job had hoped for during his trials. He was counting on his friends for encouragement and instead received criticism.

Truth be known, we all need sympathy and support in trials because we all stumble, needing the help to get up.

Sometimes, the needs of others help us notice within ourselves a lacking generosity; You become aware that maybe "I don't really pay attention to people: to what they’re telling me, to their body language, to their tone of voice.” The conscious act of engaging without judging whether the individual deserved to be treated kindly or not. 

We all could practice being present to the moment by being attentive to the needs right in front of us. It is a display of the kindness of God by offering our compassion when people feel they have failed or make mistakes rather than judging them harshly. This is to not take advantage of people's vulnerabilities.

By the acts and gestures of kindness we validate that they mean something to us, even if they are a stranger. Our kind words have the power to lift a person out of a bad mood and brighten the day. It’s a way to remind the other that God loves you and your life matters even in the muck and mire of trials because HIS kindness is boundless. 

Let's open up the doors of Faith, Hope and Love by our acts of kindness.

To Jesus through Mary-Susan Sabahi

Image by Adrianna Tucker

Image by Adrianna Tucker