Soul Saturday // Pilgrimage to our Lady of Good Help

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Pilgrimage to Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin

I have written a few times for Heart of Mary, but I know this will be the most important one!

The church approves apparitions after a very long process and finally in the US we have an approved apparition site since 2010! Nestled in Champion, Wisconsin is the spot where Mama Mary appeared to Sister Adele Brise in 1859. I don’t know about you but what better pilgrimage or “vacation plan” is there to go on then one where our own mother has appeared? I had the privilege of going last July and all year long I have been waiting rather impatiently to go back again this July!

It is a beautiful, peaceful setting and my husband commented surprised, “why would Mary appear in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing here!” Mother Mary often chooses these settings, and of course little children to convey her words best! I like to think she is drawn to the needy in the world and those “out of reach” because they prove they can spread her message to everyone! Miraculous healings have occurred at this shrine, along with a huge fire, that miraculously didn’t destroy the shrine! The statues of Our Lady are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and unique in that she has more blonde hair than I have ever seen before but, if I remember correctly, that is how Sister Adele said she looked when she appeared to her.

The grounds have so much to offer;multiple Marian statues, St. Francis statues, a war memorial, an inside chapel, an outdoor altar, a Fatima statue, not to mention the Shrine itself, along with a little history room/schoolhouse and a cafe and giftshop. Last year I asked where exactly she appeared and they told me near the altar, in between the statue of her and the altar. I remember feeling that I couldn’t believe I was standing near where Mama Mary was many years before. I felt so undeserving yet awestruck! Whenever I have a bad day or really struggle, I picture being there and feel calmer. I mentioned before that the shrine is known for many miraculous healings, well when I went there I wrote down a variety of things for my intentions and one thing in particular I was too embarrassed to even write down the name of it on the sheet so I just wrote “a disorder”.  

I “took a chance” at the time in writing that down on the paper, and told Mother Mary I wanted to consecrate myself to her and I really wanted to come back with the disorder cured and present myself to her. I have a hair-pulling disorder and I pull my eyelashes but since visiting the shrine I rarely do this. I have almost a full set and can wear makeup on them, etc. I have tried since age 4 to stop and never had any long term success until going there and I have such hope in Mother Mary for helping me make so much progress.

There are many crutches left at the site and a special spot for all the healing's that have occurred and while I can’t leave a physical reminder like that, I can show her my eyelashes and give her thanks! Believe me, it’s miraculous and I credit her intercession for the progress! For anyone struggling with any type of addictions, or illnesses, or any problem really, if you can get to the shrine, I highly recommend it. It changed my life not just for that, but for so many other reasons! It is a profound experience to say the least! To learn more about the shrine and make a pilgrimage. - Ally