Apparitions of Mary // Knock Ireland

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Our Mother Mary appeared to two friends early in the evening on August 21, 1879 in Knock, Ireland (Hence the name, Our Lady of Knock). On this particular day the weather was dreary and a soft rain was falling. An elderly woman saw a light emanating from her local church. Curious, she approached the church and saw three figures-Our Mother Mary, St. Joeseph, and St. John the Baptist.

Mary, the most prominent figure out of the three, stood near an altar adorned with a lamb and a cross, and angels hovered overhead. Additionally, the bright light which originally brought the woman to the scene, shone brightly and the three figures were clothed in dazzling robes.

Mary and her two companions returned for a second and third time on January 6 and February 10 of 1880. The apparition was similar to the first, with the three surrounding an altar. Neither of them spoke. However, Mary’s hands were pointed towards heaven, as if in prayer.

Wonderfully, Mary and her saintly companions, did not appear to just a single person. Instead, many people were able to witness this miraculous event. For nearly two hours they stayed while people gathered around. 14 people declared seeing the three figures and the sighting was deemed authentic.

Word spread quickly regarding the apparition and many traveled to site. After pilgrims started to pour in, miraculous events, attributed to the sighting began to take place. Several people, including a deaf child and a blind man were miraculous cured of their afflictions. Additionally, a shrine now stands at the site, bringing in hundreds of pilgrims a year.

I particularly love this sighting because it happened on a completely ordinary day, and to completely ordinary people. I like to think that we could have been those villagers taking in all of her Beauty and Glory bestowed upon her by the Lord. While we may all consider ourselves ordinary, don’t let that get in the way of seeing something extraordinary.

Mary, Our Mother, obviously doesn’t expect you to be rich, or have the most soup kitchen hours logged even. Faithfulness, and a burning love for The Son can open your heart, and maybe your eyes even, to many beautiful, blessed things in life.


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