Apparitions of Mary // Introduction

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As I introduce you to this next study, I can’t help but feel slightly mystified by Our Lady. The more I think about Mary the more I wonder how can someone so simple be so mysterious and hard to understand all at the same time? Why is it that sometimes I feel like I understand Mary so well and other times I am lost for words in trying to describe her. Honestly, I do not think I am alone in this either. I hear from so many that Mary is such a mystery and is so hard to understand and relate to at times! There is one thing I am quite certain of and it is that Mary wants us to know her. She wants us to have a relationship with her and through this relationship we can grow closer to her son, Jesus. 

After we have just gone through and learned about the apparition of Fatima we are now going to look at Mary’s other eight apparitions. Now, you may be wondering about a few more that have been known to be apparitions of Mary (such as Medjugorje), but we are going to be studying and learning about the apparitions that have been officially been approved by the Catholic Church. These apparitions are specific examples of Mary’s desire to be known to us and to have a relationship with us! Take a moment and think about the fact that Mary, the Mother of God has come to earth to speak to humans as lowly as we are. She appeared to people who are just like you and me and she brings messages to all of us in these apparitions. 

Ladies, during these next two weeks I encourage you to take time each day to get to know Our Lady on a deeper level. Ask her how you can grow in communion with her. Ask Mary to present herself in everyday situations to you and I promise you that she will show you the love she has for you and the love her Son has for you as well. We will never waste time seeking Mary and we will never waste time getting to know her because in growing closer to her we grow closer to Jesus.