Lent 2017 // Day Twenty Seven

Image by justloveprints.com

Image by justloveprints.com

Glorifying God Through our Work

John 8:51-59

"If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing; it is my Father who glorifies me, of whom you say that he is your God. -John 8:54

To truly know God is to be in a relationship with Him. To be in a relationship with Him is to understand your great dependence on Him for all things. To understand your dependence on Him is to understand humility and truly be humble. Saint Teresa of Calcutta, who was bigger than life during her time on earth despite her stature, was intimately attuned to her complete dependence on God. She knew the good she did was not of her own doing, but more so through her humble receptivity to God’s will. Her perseverance in caring for some of India’s most destitute, in every sense of the word, was more about grace and sacrifice than her abilities. Saint Teresa of Calcutta spent a great portion of her life suffering through the dark night of the soul, never feeling God’s consoling love. But she heroically persevered, reaching out and obeying God’s will. She had faith in God despite not fully understanding His plan or where her journey might lead.

When the Jews question Jesus about how it is possible that He knew Abraham and that He would never die; even suggesting that He was possessed, Jesus counters their disbelief, and ultimately their lack of faith, by humbling himself. Even in the face of retorts and slander, Jesus does not seek to glorify himself and put these flippant souls in their place. Instead He brings to light the foundation of the whole Christian life. All that we do should point to the one God; glorifying Him and Him only.

St. Joseph, a man whom we look at with great benevolence, was a man in deep relationship with God, a relationship rooted in faith. Often we see him caught in confusion over the state of Mary’s pregnancy. What we don’t see is his complete dependence on God to provide everything and make straight the path. God indeed had a plan for Joseph, but it was never revealed outright. Joseph had to trust bravely and blindly while obeying with an unshakable faith; despite the odds. Joseph could have easily walked away from Mary leaving her in shame. Instead Joseph knew that to truly do God’s will he had but one choice, to humble himself. He had to willingly say " yes" when all was dark.

To be transformed by the life of Jesus we must allow Him to transform us, in spite of our best judgment. We must relinquish all we know to be fact and take His hand. Many Jews in the time of Jesus lived the laws and statutes, but they failed to love. Had they let their walls of pride melt even just a bit, they too may have been transformed by Jesus’ love and their faith would have multiplied.

Reflect: We are a people richly set apart. We have been born for such a time as this. Let us praise Jesus in all we do. Let us glorify Him (not ourselves) in the work we perform, whether that be another load of laundry, making another meal, checking another school assignment, cleaning the toilet in the afternoon after a thorough cleaning in the morning. St. Teresa of Calcutta and St. Joseph did not become saints by being famous for what they had. Instead they merited heaven by what they did, what they gave and how they lived. How they LOVED.

Act: Let us strive to LIVE AND TO LOVE LIKE THAT; never counting the cost, but glorifying in Him through all we do. Saying "yes" to our fiat. All my love and prayers.