Esther // Chapter Six

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Esther 6

Although I would like to think that I am not as selfish and sinful as Haman, I do know what it is like to experience the kind of humility that he endured in chapter six of the book of Esther. I would like to think that probably everyone in this life has experienced some form of humility and let me tell you, it is not a particularly pleasant thing to have to experience, but it is necessary. It is necessary that we as humans be shown our weakness and brokenness because in those moments are when we are called to cling to our Lord. In our moments of weakness we can gain strength and surety from the Lord.

We need to decrease in order for God to increase. In this chapter, the king becomes aware of the good deeds that Mordecai has does and plans on praising and honoring him. At this exact moment, Haman goes to the king hoping to convince him to kill Mordecai and knows nothing about the kings plans to praise him. The king asks Haman what should be done for the one whom the king wishes to reward. This is obviously a little confusing to Haman because he thinks he is the one who is going to be rewarded! Haman starts to list off all of the worldly things that should be given to the rewarded one and in a twist of fate; the rewards are given to Mordecai!

Have you ever experienced anything similar to this situation in your own life? Have you everbeen so caught up in thinking of your own self-righteousness that you are brought down even harder to reality because of your own ego? I know I have. I have been brought so low in shame and humility and there is no one I can blame but myself because I let pride take control of my thoughts and emotions. There is something we can learn from this chapter of Esther and from Haman. Now, I am not saying that we are all wishing the death of others and plotting revenge against those who have wronged us, but I am saying that in order for us to really be in the right with our Lord we need to humble ourselves.

Instead of being like Haman, let us be more like Mordecai who in his patient waiting by the gate was exalted and honored by the king for his righteousness.

Reflect and Discuss: In what areas of your life can you relate to Haman who let his pride and ego take control of his thoughts and emotions? How is the Lord calling you to humble yourself this day?

Act: Take a moment today to thank the Lord for all of the good things He has already done in your life.

The Lord wishes to reward each and every one of us. How has He rewarded you today?