Advent 2017 // The Genealogy of Christ

Matthew 1:1-17

Today we read the Genealogy of Christ found in Matthew’s Gospel. Now I know this reading can be difficult to focus on. I’ll admit that it was once a reading that I would zone out on at church, except for the occasional chuckle at a strange name, but I’ve come to a deeper appreciation of it in recent years.

Along with our focus this week on God’s covenant with David, we see God’s promise coming to fruition, as David and his son, Solomon, are some of the more noticeable names on the list. You’ll remember from yesterday that God promised David: “I will raise up offspring after you...He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.”

We will see Jesus referred to as “Son of David” many times throughout the New Testament. It’s a title that not only tells us about Jesus’ family history, but it is a Messianic title. When this title is used, His role as the long- awaited deliverer was being acknowledged. Born in David’s city, Bethlehem, from Mary, wife of Joseph of the House of David, Christ comes to this Earth to take His place as rightful king. The Jews that heard this would understand the significance of these words.

Even though Solomon, David’s son, did not uphold his end of the covenant, God remained faithful--even to the point of stepping in and fulfilling the role of the everlasting King. As promised to David, Jesus came in order to establish the throne of the kingdom in heaven, and in order to make all of us partakers in this eternal gift. This is the gift He wants to give us this Advent and Christmas Season.

Do you believe God will keep His promises? 

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