Womb to Tomb // Dignity of Childhood

I have two older sons from a previous marriage. They are good, God-fearing boys who have done well in the public school system. The offering of after school activities, school award assemblies, and the postings of classes at the end of each summer was what I was used to based on my personal school experience and I never considered any differently when choosing a school for my boys. When I remarried and my husband, who attended 16 years of Catholic schooling himself, wanted our children to have the Catholic school experience as he did, I was hesitant.

My hesitation was mostly about the change from the normalcy and comfort of the routine, schools, district, and teachers I was used to. Also, although we were a devout and practicing family, I was a bit intimidated during the application process. Did Stephen and I do enough for our parish to be considered? Will our son pass the assessment test? With much prayer and a few Divine Mercies, we were granted a spot! Our son is now in 1 st grade and I now feel foolish ever doubting entering into such a beautiful and blessed community!

More than just the community, the content of what my son experiences each day fills my heart with such gratitude and joy! The students he’s among will be his life-long friends. God is at the center of their friendships and of his learning. Not only does he witness his mom and dad’s involvement at home and on the weekends, but he also is surrounded by God’s love through others all day long while he’s in school. There is time for morning prayer, celebrating Holy Mass, blessings and rosaries. And the best part…Christmas is CHRISTMAS!

Jesus’s love is being woven into the fibers of his sweet little soul at such an early age. Recently, while I was out one weekend, my husband heard our first grader (6) and our daughter (4) coming down the stairs. He thought it’d be funny to hide from them behind a door and observe their reactions. They both called out for him and looked around the house to find him. When they couldn’t, my daughter asked my son, “Did Daddy leave too?”

My son responds giggling, “Yeah. Daddy’s gone too!”

My daughter then exclaims incredulously, “We are home alone!?”

“No, Sissy, we aren’t alone. God is here. God is always with us,” my son replies.

“Well if God is here, how come I don’t see him?” my daughter challenges.

“Because, Sissy, you can’t see God. God is in your heart,” he responds.

My daughter was satisfied with this answer and my husband then came out from his hiding spot. Of course a lot of “You tricked us!” and giggling ensued from there, but the importance of that moment was not lost on us as parents. At six years old, he was not only able to conceptualize God’s abundance around him, but was able to share it with his sister. Jesus took my children in His arms and blessed them. And I thank Him every day for blessing me with the opportunity to witness how to approach Him with the sheer childlike delight.

To Jesus Through Mary- Tiffany Wulkopf

Image by Adrianna Tucker

Image by Adrianna Tucker