Malachi Day 5 // Marriage

Image by Cailin Valente

Image by Cailin Valente

Malachi 2: 10-17 Genesis 2: 7 Genesis 2:22-24

When reading through Chapter 2 I got really excited because I truly feel like this part is perfect timing to read through something like this, especially in the state that our country is in and the fight that is going on.

We are called to defend the covenant of marriage. We are called to defend the good of the Beloved (I know I am on a roll with the covenant business here).

Marriage is something so sacred and something that we should be defending, specifically marriage between man and woman. Yet we see our society so riddled with divorce, separation and marriage between the same sex. How are we to come to the table of the Lord when we can’t follow the reason he made us-man for woman and woman for man. We are made to defend the good of the Beloved.

When I went to Austria, many of the students took the infamous class, “Christian marriage.” Many days, we would walk out joking about willing the good of the Beloved  because it was on repeat from our professor’s mouth so often during our class time. Yet, I truly didn’t understand how much I am called to will the good of the Beloved every single day, and this encompasses defending that we are made for man and man is made for woman. We are called to be together, for when we commit to the covenant of marriage with our husband we are called to keep that covenant til death do us part. We are called to will the good of our spouse, even when we don’t like them.

 For I hate divorce, 
says the LORD, the God of Israel, 
And the one who covers his garment with violence,
says the LORD of hosts.
You should be on guard, then, for your life,
and you must not break faith.16

Even when we are at our worst of worst, even when we think that divorce or separation is the only option….we must not break faith. For it brings about an injustice to what marriage and the covenant that we commit to in marriage is.

So are we going to sit back and let the news, social media and the politics going on around us tell us that marriage has been redefined? Or are we going to will the good of the beloved of our domestic church and stand up for what marriage truly is?