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“To Jesus through Mary”

Images written by the hand of Vivian Imbruglia at    sacredimageicons.com

Images written by the hand of Vivian Imbruglia at sacredimageicons.com


As the Immaculate Heart of Mary was pierced by the word incarnate, we at Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship strive to help women grow closer to the Lord by allowing their heart to be pierced by the Word of God through prayer, our daily devotions, study of His word and the faith of the Roman Catholic Church.

We are a Catholic online site founded on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We believe in every doctrine that the Church teaches and attempt to become better Catholic women in our daily lives; through participating in the Mass and sacraments of the Catholic Church, continued learning of our faith, and attempting to love all those around us.

Jesus and Mary until our Last Breath!

Iesus et Maria se usque ad extremum spiritum nostrum!


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The drawing will take place December 7, 2019.

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What You Will Find on our Website

  • Themed daily audio devotions. Stories of living our faith. Podcasts

  • The Sunday Gospel audio. archives

  • Themed Lent and Advent Bible studies. archives

  • Audio prayers free to download

  • Promotion of Mass Journaling & Consecration to Jesus through Mary

  • Encouragement to participate in the healing Sacraments of the Catholic Church

  • Exclusive interviews & free downloadable talks with Catholic speakers, writers, radio, ministry leaders. 

  • Announcements & invitations to our annual HOMWF Catholic Women's Conference

Check out our great collection of bible studies. Grab your bible, a pen, and a notebook and dive into the Scriptures!