Praying With the Psalms // Remember the Dawn

Psalm 5 Romans 5:8 John 2:21-22

Have you ever watched the sun come up?

It’s one of the few things I really enjoy about winter, to tell the truth. I’m able to wake up in the dark, putter around my kitchen, and then sit down to watch the sun rise out of the east.

It happens slowly. It’s dark - so dark that I can’t help but wonder if it’s really even close to morning. But then, miraculously, a little light peaks through the trees and spreads itself across my lawn.  And then, it’s daylight. Just like that, without a specific moment I can point to, it’s daylight. Dark one moment. Light the next.  And then the light proceeds to grow stronger, brighter, higher.  But at some point, the magic is lost.

I find that to be true in my spiritual life as well.  I walk around in the dark, fingernails gripping my faith.  But then, next thing I know, it’s morning. The Lord has been faithful and the daylight has dawned and I can’t point to the specific moment it happened.

For a while, the light in my life grows stronger, brighter, higher; and my faith grows with it. But then, at some point, the light becomes just another part of my dawn and my faith suffers.

In verse 7, the Psalmist prays,

“But I through the abundance of your merciful love

will enter your house,

I will worship toward your holy temple

In the fear of you.”

By praying this Psalm, we call to mind - and take refuge in - how God has shown “his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).  And Christ, of course, is the true temple (John 2:21-22) prefigured in the Psalms.

When I recall this, my heart sings along with the Psalmist’s. I remember the dawn, and I find joy.

Reflect: Do you think it makes a difference that we call to mind God’s love for us? How so?

Reflect: The Psalmist asks God to “make your way straight before me.” How can praying this bring us joy?

Action: Take some time today and pray this Psalm and ponder his love for you.