Names of God Day 7 // He is the Light of the World

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

John 8:12-20

There are a few things in the world that terrify me – deep water and tight caverns.  For a long time I couldn’t wrap my mind around why these things in particular scared me. I mean, public speaking? No problem! Spiders? Eh, don’t mind them… But, why deep water and caves?

It wasn’t until recently that I realized they are all associated with one thing: Darkness – more specifically, the unknown. Discomfort with darkness is understandable; we weren’t created for the unknown.

We were created to know and to be known. But, when I don’t allow Jesus to be the light in the unknown areas of my life, I allow Satan to use those thoughts and fears to his advantage. Just think about the train of thought that can ensue if you give him permission to manipulate your exploration of darkness.

Actually, don’t do that, Hollywood has already done a great job of that already. Instead, take some time today to ask God to shine His light into those areas of your life that cause you anxiety.

Ask Him to heal you and make His presence known in times of trouble or need. Give Jesus permission, right now, to penetrate the darkness in your life with His light. 

He has already done the extraordinary and shone His light upon the ultimate darkness of death when He rose from the dead. Who are we to say He cannot overcome the darkness in our own lives. 

Sisters, we have nothing to fear!