Names of God Day 17 // He is Mediator

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

1 Timothy 2:5-6

We all know that phrase,

“Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a day in their shoes.” We’ve all used it at one point in our lives, and there is a great deal of truth to it. 

We want to be understood and are less patient of others opinions when they don’t have a common experience. I’m pretty sure that Paul, when writing to Timothy in 1 Timothy 2:5-6, anticipated just that. 

We need to know that we are understood. And the best way for Paul to remind Timothy of that was to remind him that Jesus, the one and only mediator of the human race, was Himself human. Jesus, too, experienced: 

- Birth Luke 2:7

- Love John 15:9

- Joy & Fellowship John 17:13

- Heartache John 11:33

- Suffering & Shame John 10:1-3

God literally could’ve intervened any way He so chose. And He tried many: A burning bush Exodus 3:4, a pillar of cloud and column of fire Exodus 13:21, a tent of meeting Exodus 27:21… but none of these interventions were really enough for the people.

So many tried to bring the people to God – David, Elijah, Moses, Noah – but their interventions were not enough. This is why God the Father sent Jesus as mediator. Not only to “pop-by” and say hello, but rather to live fully and humbly among His people. To get to know them, love them, learn from them, teach them, and heal them. And this is incredible! Our salvation was worth entering into. 

Do we really believe this sisters? Do we believe that the Jesus we converse with in prayer, the one who hangs upon our crucifixes in our home, the one we receive at Mass, truly walked on this earth?

Do we believe He can relate to our sufferings and joys? Ask yourself this honestly today, and ask God for the grace to see more clearly how He really does truly understand you. For, He has walked a day (or, more accurately, 33) in our shoes.