Names of God Day 2 // He is Word

Image by Freely Photos

Image by Freely Photos

John 1:1-5

It takes my breath away — that clear, starry night sky, an abyss of wonder. It always calls me to bask in God’s glory. And sometimes become entirely consumed by how it could possibly be. 

I remember one day thinking in particular about the fact that it could take millions of years just to arrive at a certain star or galaxy in outer space. I just could not wrap my mind around that. Let alone could I wrap my mind around the number one million.

How is it that our surroundings could be so vast, so foreign? It is because God holds them into existence. He is just that big. 

Our reading today, from the Gospel of John gives us a clear indication of God’s power. And it is amazing. The Word existed with God at the beginning, and through the Word, life – our dear sweet Jesus – came to be. And He changed everything. 

It was the word “Logos” (Greek for Word) which blew John’s audience out of the water. The Greeks did not view logos as just the “word” we speak, but saw logos as the rational explanation for the universe. And it is John who makes this connection for them — that which holds the stars in the sky is God and He has been revealed through Jesus. Woah. 

Can you believe what this Jesus guy might have been like?

It is easy to become discouraged when I gaze upon the heavens; I remember just how small I am. But, when I think of who God is I don’t feel so lost. This God who knows me intimately, also holds the stars into existence. If God has the big gaseous beings covered, He can take care of us too! His garden is so much bigger than our own.

Do not be discouraged! 

Today, take some time to reflect upon the areas of your life you have a hard time letting God control.

And, in times of weakness, remember the stars.