The Book of Judith // Day 8 Purpose

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

Judith 5

Today’s reflection is on the same chapter as yesterday’s, but I would like to illuminate a different area of significance.

Upon more readings of this same chapter, a different theme stands out to me: purpose. What sticks out to me in particular is how the Israelites abandoned the way of their ancestors’ worship of their gods to worship “the God of heaven, the God whom they had come to know.”

To abandon the traditions of your ancestors is groundbreaking! With this sort of change, there is such potential to change the course of the lives of people who have not even been born yet! For the Israelites, it was Whom they chose to worship.

Similarly, Alchior, Holofernes’ servant, felt compelled to express the truth about the God of the Israelites. He knew he would be alone in this, and later, we discover that this has consequences. But this was part of Alchior’s purpose, inspired by God to express the truth.

For us, we may be inspired by the Holy Spirit to do something that goes against what others do or have done in the past, either in family, career, or society. This is how God speaks to us so that we may be His instruments of change.

God has given each of us a specific mission in life, one that cannot be accomplished by anyone else.

And maybe purpose is not just one big, groundbreaking event. It can be found in the relationships we form and sustain, the activities in which we choose to participate, or several long-term projects we may want to undertake—but all central to one theme. You will know what this theme is when something makes a lasting impression on your heart and you have a fire for it that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit.

When you find it, I encourage you to go at it with full force! Call to mind the words of St. Irenaeus that “the glory of God is man fully alive”!

I desire so deeply for you to find God’s purpose for you so that you can be an instrument for His glory on earth.


Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister.