Lent 2015//Holy Saturday The Triumphant Lamb

Revelation 5:1-14, Revelation 19:5-10

 When I woke up this morning, I felt empty. Even when I am running in twenty different directions to get ready for Easter - if I don’t have the Lord - I feel empty. Jesus died for us, and was laid to rest in the tomb. But as we prepare for either tonight or tomorrow - let us remember that He. is. triumphant. 

In the first passage from Revelation 5, it talks about a scroll that is brought forth at the gates of Heaven in God’s right hand. The only person that can open this scroll is the One that can fulfill the plan of salvation. Christ appears as a Lamb, coming to receive the scroll from God because He is the one with the fulfillment of Salvation.

This is when Heaven and our earthly church are united.  Also the Paschal Lamb’s blood is the blood that saved Israel from sin and death. Just as the Lord sacrificed himself yesterday, as His blood bled for us, he has saved us from sin and death.

The second passage from Revelation 19 discusses the wedding feast of the lamb. This wedding feast is talking about the marriage between God and his people. It is the covenantal relationship between us both. The wedding feast is the beginning of God’s reign after the end of time. This wedding feast with the Lamb is our ultimate goal.

This wedding feast, is what we strive to push ourselves towards during lent. When we were in the desert and didn’t know if we could make it out. It was for this. When we thought you couldn’t make it another day or another step further. Every struggle, hurt and pain was all to push ourselves to get to the wedding feast. 

Our ultimate goal, even as barren as we feel today, is to get to the wedding feast of the Lamb and to be walking in the footsteps of the Paschal Lamb. He is the one that can fulfill the plan for Salvation and bring us to the Wedding Feast.

As he sacrificed himself yesterday to fulfill that plan...let us not just move forth and be grateful that Lent is over. But let us prepare our hearts to keep going strong towards the Triumph. Because tomorrow when He rises from the dead… He is triumphant. He has conquered sin and death.