New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Gratitude For Our rainbows

Gen 9:1-18

Gratitude For Our Rainbows

God establishes a covenant with Noah “that never again shall all bodily creatures be destroyed by the waters of a flood,” sealed by the sign of a beautiful rainbow.

I love watching my children’s wide-eyed wonder at God’s incredible promise. Their eyes light up and their hearts overflow with joy that they literally squeal with delight.  

The vibrant colors. The endless, curious “whys” over how rainbows actually form.

How awesome it is to be childlike. To marvel in awe + humility at God’s loving and ordering power.

Although the image of Gods mighty power might be a little frightening, we’re called to look beyond that toward a deeper reality. To praise, glorify, and THANK Him! 

All of God's creation is a gift, so of course we are called to experience awe and wonder and praise His glorious Name!

How often are we so overstimulated by social media, the endless stream of depressing news, the latest technology, and distracted by our to-do lists that we forget to just be present?

In the same way that God charges Noah with the task of caring for the earth, God charges us with a similar task of caring for what we are given— AND! most importantly, to find God within all of it, in new and more meaningful ways.   

Take time to celebrate the goodness of Gods gifts in your life—and not the material ones.

As you go back to school or your job this January, put down the new gadgets you got for Christmas.  

Marvel at Gods Creation all around you, both in nature and in the people that God has put in your life.  

See the world and His wonders this New Year with awe + humility, with the same wide-eyed wonder that children have.

Take time to fully breathe in gratitude for the rainbows God has promised you.

Call to mind what the authors of Genesis wrote: “God saw that it was good.”  

Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister.