When my husband was a Protestant pastor in New Jersey, weekly he preached on the Sunday Gospel. Hearts in that congregation were dramatically changed. Lives were changed. Now he is a Catholic priest. His homilies are still based on relationship with Jesus through the Gospel readings. Hearts and live are being changed. Who besides Jesus can make us into better vessels to give him more glory? If we want that on- going change, which involves allowing his Grace to flow freely in and through us, what better place to start than in the Gospels, which are available to us all? I understand my purpose in life is to love God and to be loved by him. The fleshing out of that life purpose is my mission, which is to make the world a better place for children through my gifts of teaching and writing. When I use my gifts wisely, they offer insights and options to adults to help them make better life choices for themselves and everyone they encounter;
those lives will be impacted in a way that will help make the world a more fertile field where children grow.

The Gospels are all about the life and ministry of Jesus. When they are reflected by someone else, we tend to see them in a new light. We might consider them more personally and, perhaps, apply with practicality. We will tend to run to Jesus more often, allowing his Grace to flow into our lives more freely. Our decisions in every area of life will be affected, and our lives, including the lives of those we connect with, will be changed. At Heart of Mary, I share reflections on the Sunday Gospel readings. I am not ‘trained’ to do this. I only offer my heart and mind to Jesus and ask him to use me and my personal encounters with him to write in such a way that will open hearts and minds to desire more of him. My hope is that in so doing, the world will be a better place and we will all be better prepared to meet him face to face, when he calls.

To God be the Glory! To Jesus, through Mary. Cheryl Ann Wills