The Story of Our Icon

In March of 2016, I was was having a Conversation with Vivian Imbruglia from Sacred image icons. Vivian and I had been talking about a possible icon for Heart Of Mary Women's Fellowship. Heart of Mary had been using an image painted by Charles Chambers, an 1800s artist who painted incredible sacred images. I wanted our icon to be similar to the image we had been using but it needed to be changed  so we could call it our own. Vivian got to work. 

Once the icon was finished Vivian invited me to come see it. At first sight walked of our Icon I cried at the beauty that sat before me, her eyes touched my soul with a motherly love and her heart warmed my heart. On top of her head sits a crown of roses and on top of the roses sits a golden crown adorned by precious stones of our beloved deceased, Army Centurioni and Carrie Pishioneri.

It is said that for every

"Our Father and "Hail Mary that is prayed another rose is placed in the crown of our queen in heaven"

In the weeks to follow myself, Theresa Berry, Danielle Ott and Suzi Scanlon Smith we're blessed to put pink and yellow touches to the crown of roses. The idea of Heart Of Mary Women's Fellowship came about at Ashley Michelle Scanlon Smith funeral reception. A 17 year old young woman who died in her sleep. This was a young woman embodied the life of a devout catholic and servant to God. Her favorite colors we're pink and yellow. Ashley, although with God, is a big part of Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship.

Seven years ago about the time Heart Of Mary Women's Fellowship began, I read the small but mighty book by St. Louis De Montfort “True devotion to Mary”.  I was so inspired by his words I started putting some words to paper. Time passed and I thought about having someone write music to the song. This past March 2016 I asked my son-in-law Austin Ott to write the music and in the months that followed, he produced it. I said to Austin, it should be called "Consecration" as that was always St. Louis' mission and has become mine. Austin felt it should be called "Heavens Queen"(Consecration) and that's what we named it!

This past August "Heavens Queen" and "Our Icon" made their debut at our Heart Of Mary Women's conference. The Icon was processed in by fourth degree Knights and the Heart of Mary conference team to followed carrying red and white roses and dropping them at her feet.

 I do believe, it was a divine appointment, made specifically for that moment. 

Heart of Mary is forever thankful to Vivian and Austin for giving us such an incredible gift. Our "Heavens Queen"  



We are a consecrated ministry To Jesus through Mary