Angels // Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Saint Gabriel is the patron saint of telecommunication workers, radio broadcasters, postal workers, clerics, and diplomats. All of these jobs fall under the umbrella of communications and messengers.

Angels // Saint Raphael the Archangel

Saint Raphael is associated with a variety of things, all because of the Book of Tobit. He’s mainly known as a healing angel because he created a cure to heal Tobit of his blindness.

Angels // Saint Raphael the Archangel

St. Raphael is one of the archangels, and he is known for healing. If you haven’t already, go check out the book of Tobit. This is where we really see St. Raphael at work and gain a greater understanding of who he is, however, I want to focus in on this particular scripture ver

Angels // Saint Raphael the Archangel

Raphael called the two of them aside privately and said to them: “Bless God and give him thanks before all the living for the good things he has done for you, by blessing and extolling his name in song. Proclaim before all with due honor the deeds of God, and do not be slack in thanking him.”

Angels // Saint Micheal the Archangel

Saint Michael, the Archangel is my youngest sons favorite among the saints. Our parish recently held a silent auction, included among the items up for auction was a beautiful statue of Saint Michael.