Retreat Day

Hello beautiful sisters!

Today is what we are calling a retreat day. It's an opportunity to spend some extra time with the Lord! We do not have any new study posts; this is a great time to catch up on any that you may have missed or just spend some time on your own in prayer. 

We do have a special talk for you though, if you'd like to take a listen!!

New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Silent Acts of Love

In the final verses of chapter 9, we find Noah in a state of shame.  

This isn’t the Noah that obediently gathered all the animals into an ark + patiently waited on God after the flood. 

The Noah that walked with God so faithfully.

The Noah who submitted to the Lord’s Will.

Noah is drunk and naked.

New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Gratitude For Our rainbows

God establishes a covenant with Noah “that never again shall all bodily creatures be destroyed by the waters of a flood,” sealed by the sign of a beautiful rainbow. 

I love watching my children’s wide-eyed wonder at God’s incredible promise. Their eyes light up and their hearts overflow with joy that they literally squeal with delight.  

The vibrant colors. The endless, curious “whys” over how rainbows actually form.

New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Waiting on the Lord this New Year

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a patient person (AT ALL).

And I usually prefer to get things done myself because if I want something done RIGHT and in the time frame I want it done, I don’t like waiting around for people to hustle.

New Creation : Genesis 5-9 // 40

In the Great Flood, we see a second Genesis. A new creation, a new beginning, a rebirth. 

We also find the number 40 for the first time, which turns out to be a significant number in the Bible -- a number that symbolizes a time of test + trial.

New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever been called to do something out of your comfort zone?

When God calls us to do something, it’s usually something big, scary, and overwhelming. You’re not ready for this enormous change. In fact, you resist it (at first).

New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // God Waited a Thousand Years

In my dark days of turning from God, I couldn't forgive others in my heart. 

Couldn't forgive my divorced parents. 

Couldn't forgive God for taking my siblings.  

Couldn't forgive myself for the anger + pride that consumed my heart.

So when I finally did peace in the Lord 15 years later, I think of God's faithfulness and unending mercy + love, and I'm simply and humbly moved to tears.


New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Fallen

When I was in college, I was in a long-term relationship with someone I thought I would marry. We dreamed of growing old together, having children, and being happy.

Long story short, after a few years of dating, the Holy Spirit spoke directly to me and placed it on my heart to end the relationship.

This happened a few other times with toxic, drama-filled friendships.


New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Walking with God this New Year

Truth be told, I found the fifth chapter of Genesis, a bit depressing. 

I had no idea how to start the New Years study talking about death, but thats precisely what...

New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Intro

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be starting this New Year with you as we unwrap the gifts of God in Genesis. 

What began as an extraordinary beginning -- the creation of the Earth, living things, and man -- with the promise of abundant life with God, soon turned into sorrow and sin as Adam and Eve fell into temptation.