Biblical Charity // Charity Toward the Elderly

Luke 10: 25-37

God created man and woman in his image. -Genesis 1:26-31

We are all created in the image and likeness of God. I feel like I have said that ten million times. But it truly isnt something we should forget. But when we think of dignity of life, the first thing our minds usually jump to is abortion and the dignity to a childs life. But the basic dignity we all possess originally comes from God, and we are to see each and every person through the eyes of God and to love them because God loves them. All social institutions, laws and practices must protect and not undermine human life or dignity not just at birth but through natural death.

 “The  good Samaritan recognized the dignity in the other and cared for his life.” -Luke 10: 25-37
Jesus  broke with societal and religious customs to honor the dignity of the Samaritan  woman. -John 4:1-42

This is where we are called on a daily basis to uphold a daily life aware of the dignity of all human persons. We are called to visit the elderly; even if we dont know them! Not everyone is as beneficial as some of our family members where they get to see us every week or on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. There are some people that are lonely and long for that one person to come and say hi, or to smile at them.

 Love one another, contribute to the needs of others, live peaceably with all. -Romans 12:9-18

It is our right to pray for the dignity of the elderly, that their rights get upheld and to pray for them as they are sick and dying. It is our jobs as adults and parents to not alone teach our children, but to practice and be examples of respect for the elderly, teaching them how to act and how to be respectful. Teaching your children to visit those that dont have what we have and teaching them to be charitable with their time and efforts. It is our job also to teach them to stand up for policies that promote the respect of human life from birth to natural death.